$190 Billions reason to end the war

Now, just stand back and look at this.  President is saying that there isn’t enough money to expand SCHIP but there seems to be an endless black hole called Iraq.  Senator Byrd made one of his patented speeches against rubber stamping anything.  The Dems haven’t been that much different than the Republicans as far as the big items go.  More power for FISA – okay.  Funding for the War – Okay.  Restoring Habeas Corpus – not so much.  What are they doing up there?

It is time to say no.  Do not vote on this.  Let the bill sit there.  Until there is a firm timetable do not bring this up for a vote!


From NYT:

Mr. Gates told the Senate Appropriations Committee, “When I speak of a long-term presence, I’m thinking of a very modest U.S. presence with no permanent bases, where we can continue to go after Al Qaeda in Iraq and help the Iraqi forces.”


Mr. Gates also laid out at the hearing a Bush administration request for an added $42 billion for war-related expenses in 2008. The request increases to nearly $190 billion the amount the Bush administration is seeking for 2008 to finance military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In February, the administration asked for $141.7 billion for the wars, an amount that officials said at the time was an estimate that could increase.   (more…)