Several folks (here, here and here) noticed an article the SpokesmanReview.  Alberto Gonzales wasn’t out of Washington before he hired a Washington criminal defense attorney.  Things that make you go humm… ?

It appears that the inspector general, Glenn Fine, is continuing to investigate the dismissal of the US Attorneys but he is also looking into the warrantless wiretapping program (domestic spying) and the possibility that Alberto lied to Congress.

It would be nice to see real justice happen at the Justice Department but I’m not going to hold my breath.


From SR:

The U.S. Inspector General may recommend criminal prosecution of departed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at the conclusion of an investigation, possibly as early as next month, the fired former U.S. attorney for Western Washington told a Spokane audience Friday.

His refusal to open a federal criminal investigation into voter fraud allegations in Gov. Chris Gregoire’s razor-thin victory over Republican challenger Dino Rossi in 2004 may be the reason he was fired, John McKay told the Federal Bar Association.  (more…)