The House has finally stood firm. Why the Senate bowed to the White House is still confusing to me but the House is standing firm.

Mr. Bush’s rhetoric is simply tiresome. The terrorists this and the terrorist that. Are we so lame that we can’t do anything without trying to figure out what the terrorists will do? Hell, don’t we need to be more worried about our own homegrown crazies?

Keith Olbermann revisits one of his most pointed and thoughtful Special Comments.

From NYT:

Broad spying powers temporarily approved by Congress in August appear likely to lapse this week after a daylong game of chicken on Wednesday between the White House and House Democrats produced no clear resolution.

At a morning appearance in the Oval Office, President Bush pressed the House to adopt quickly a plan that the Senate approved on Tuesday to broaden the government’s spying powers and give legal immunity to telephone companies. (more…)