I will refrain from the jokes because there are plenty. Today President Bush opened his library. (BTW, why did he think that the word awesome needed to be used 100 times?)

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George W. Bush can believe that he stood for Freedom. That’s fine. I will say that I’m glad that his father was able to be there. That had to be a very special moment.

That’s it. That’s all that I’m gong to say about George W. Bush and his library today.

From WaPo:

All the living presidents came together here Thursday to pay tribute to one of their own, and for one brief moment, George W. Bush’s presidency was free of controversy.

In office, the nation’s 43rd president lived through eight tumultuous years. But as he and dignitaries from around the world joined to dedicate the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of Southern Methodist University, there was no mention of Iraq, no talk of Hurricane Katrina, no reference to the financial collapse that marked his last months in office.

The dedication of the library may have reopened the debate over Bush’s presidency, giving historians, commentators and partisans an opportunity to appraise and reappraise his tenure. But that wasn’t the mission of the members of the most exclusive club in the world, as the group of current and former presidents is called. One after another, they found ways to accentuate the positive.