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The Errington Thompson Show 5-17-08

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This is the Errington Thompson Show. I interviewed the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald who has been in the news after revealing that the NSA was listening in (or is that databasing?) all of our calls back in 2008. Check it out.

Today’s show is full of extra special goodness. I have Glenn Greenwald as my special guest. We discuss his book, Great American Hypocrites. Interestingly, we talk about Bush, the FISA court and telecompanies helping the government listen in on our conversations. This is a great interview. I also cover President Bush’s attack on Senator Barack Obama, as well as his “sacrifice” of golf for the troops.

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    LRM¬†Although I haven’t taken French since 3rd grade, I’m sure this is basically the more things change the more than stay the same. You are so right.

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