Just tell me in BushWorld, which we are all living in, what is safe for me to eat? What?!?!?

Now we have a beef recall. I remember that there was a time when government worked. I remember when you could go to the grocery store or TOY store and buy things. We didn’t worry about if these things would kill us because of government regulation we were safe.

From WaPo:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has ordered the largest meat recall in its history — 143 million pounds of beef, a California meatpacker’s entire production for the past two years — because the company did not prevent sick animals from entering the U.S. food supply, officials said yesterday.

Despite the breadth of the sanction, USDA officials underscored their belief that the meat, distributed by Westland Meat Co., poses little or no hazard to consumers, and that most of it was eaten long ago. (more…)