I’m trying. I’m really trying to understand what these folks are mad about and I just don’t get it.


“Frankly, I’m mad as hell,” said Des Moines, Iowa, businessman Doug Burnett, one of about 1,000 people, many in red shirts declaring “revolution is brewing,” at a rally at the Iowa Capitol. “This country has been on a spending spree for decades, a spending spree we can’t afford.”

Really? Where was this guy when George W. Bush said that we had more than enough money to pay down the deficit and give out tax cuts (when we really didn’t have that much money)? It is this kind of illogical thinking that drives me batty. Almost no Republicans stood up and said no to Bush’s tax cuts. When Bush wanted to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, where were the conservatives? Did any of them stand up and say that we couldn’t afford to pass on the cost of the war to our children? Even after the war began to drag on and on, there was no action from the conservatives. Yes, there were some columns… but no action. Senator Lugar and Senator Spector were famous for talking as if they would oppose Bush’s latest spending bill, but they never voted against any of those bills. Not one.

I guess my other question is what does this guy want Obama to do? 95% of Americans are getting tax cuts. Did he oppose the stimulus? Is that his issue? What’s his beef?  The problem is that there is no specific beef. They are just frustrated and they don’t want to lash out at those who caused this mess: Conservatives!!!

Update: Neil Cavuto of Fox News, finds some kids who are mad. They don’t want to pay anyone elses taxes. Nice. It would seem to me that these kids will not be able to pay their own fair share of taxes if they don’t get back into school and learn a little something. Kids have no clue, but Neil thought that they would show … I don’t know. I can’t think of any reason to interview a child about taxes.

Update II (from John Cole):

You know what really irritates me about the tea parties? The basic fact that if right now, it were President John McCain and not President Obama, and nothing else had changed, these tea parties wouldn’t exist. You know it, I know it, and even the teabaggers know it. It is just such transparent bullshit that it is offensive. The most these guys ever did during the last lost eight years was put a limp Porkbusters logo on their website, but now that we have President Malcom X George McGovern Shabazz, they are freaking out like there is no tomorrow. So absurd.