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The Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals and won the World Series. David Ortiz had a monster series. I’m not sure that anyone in their wildest dreams could have had a World Series like David Ortiz. Although Boston had three runs in the third inning and another three runs in the fourth inning, the game was won, in my opinion, when Junichi Tazawa came in in the seventh inning with the bases loaded and two outs. You could feel the momentum hanging in the balance. Tazawa was able to get Allen Craig to ground out in the inning was over. To be honest, St. Louis never threatened the rest the game. Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox!!

So ex-PGA golfer and now analyst Brandel Chamblee decided to give out grades to some of the top golfers for this year’s performance. These year-end grades were somewhat tongue-in-cheek. He gave Tiger Woods an F. He called Tiger Woods a cheater. Tiger Woods is a big boy and can handle himself. Woods won five times on the tour this year. Tiger Woods did have four instances this year in which he had problems with the rules. The rules of golf are ridiculously complex. I still don’t understand how fans can call in and ask rule officials to look at certain footage and then to assess that player penalty… That’s crazy. (I would still like to say that the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers with no tripping penalty on Lynn Swann. Their feet simply got tangled. There, I feel better.) For the last penalty called on Tiger Woods, he was removing some debris around the ball. With some sort of telephoto lens, a golf ball is now blown up 10-20 times its original size and you can see the golf ball rotate, just a little bit. That was it. That was something that you probably could never see with the naked eye, but because Tiger Woods is the most photographed golfer in the world, somebody had a telephoto lens on his golf ball. It would be different if Tiger Woods were some obscure golfer who always had rules infractions, but he isn’t. Nobody in professional sports has the media scrutiny that Tiger Woods has. To call him a cheater is really over the top.

How is it possible that we are delving back into Benghazi yet again? For reasons that are completely unclear, 60 Minutes decided to run a story on Benghazi. The story had basically no new information. None. Now, Senator Lindsey Graham seems to have his knickers in a twist. In spite of the fact that there have been multiple hearings both in the Senate and in the House, Graham feels that he doesn’t have enough information. He needs to talk to the “survivors.” Until he gets the information that he wants, which may not be anywhere close to the truth, he’s going to hold up Senate nominations.

In the House, there’s continued squabbling over the Affordable Care Act. Republicans are going to continue to parade around and point out flaws as long as the cameras will continue to roll. Currently, the Republicans have settled on a new talking point – the president promised Americans that they could keep their own health insurance if they were happy with it. Now, there are insurers handing out pink slips stating that the Affordable Care Act is causing them to cancel people’s insurance coverage. As usual, the reality is somewhat different than how Republicans are painting it. Of course, if you have crappy insurance, even if you like it, it is still crap. You need something better so that if something happens the rest of us don’t have to pick up the tab. Mother Jones has more:

Why some Americans may be losing coverage: It’s complicated. GOP members on the committee emphasized the president’s long-standing promise that “If you have a plan you like, you can keep it,” and then argued that many Americans are now seeing their insurance plans canceled. But as Sebelius further explained, if you had a plan that you liked before the Affordable Care Act passed, you can keep it, because it was grandfathered in. If your insurance company changed the plan after the law went into effect, however, it is no longer exempted and has to comply with new protections offered under the Affordable Care Act, such as the prohibition against dropping a patient once he’s sick, or charging a woman more because she’s a woman. Plans that don’t comply must be canceled—but as Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) pointed out, that’s a good thing, because such plans don’t provide adequate coverage anyway. “The notion that people are being turned way from an affordable plan the provides good quality care is preposterous,” he said.

Relatively few Americans’ insurance plans are actually being canceled. Ninety-five percent of Americans who have health insurance have a continuous plan like Medicare, Medicaid, or employer-based insurance, Sebelius explained. Five percent of Americans, or about 12 million people, buy insurance on the individual market. Some portion of those plans that are not grandfathered in and that don’t meet the law’s minimum benefits requirements will be canceled. Still, roughly half of the people whose plans are dropped earn a low enough income to be eligible for federal subsidies to buy cheaper insurance on the exchange.


The Washington Redskins need to change their name. This is not about tradition. This is about simply doing the right thing. “Redskin” is not a term of endearment. I suspect there are probably NO Indians (Native Americans) who would like to be called a Redskin, so let’s stop the charade. Let’s change the name to something original like the Washington Crooks.