I have tried to stay neutral in this presidential race because I’m going to support who ever wins the Democratic nomination. I have given money to John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I have tried to get all 3 on my radio show. For me, Barack Obama is a special man. He has caused me to stop in my tracks and say, “Yes, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” No he isn’t perfect but no man is. He is the man that in needed now because of this I’m endorsing Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton is a fine Senator but I have been drawn to her leadership. During the very, very dark times back in 2002 where was Hillary? When the Bush war machine was cranking out lie after lie, where was Hillary? When the Senate was debating the Iraq war only a few Senators stood up and stated with a clear voice that this was wrong. Senators Bob Graham and Russ Feingold were the loudest of the bunch but they needed someone with the national if not international clout to effectively stand up to Bush. They needed someone of Hillary Clinton’s stature. Where was her leadership when we really and truly needed it? Because Hillary Clinton let me down, she let the country down in those dark days, I can’t endorse her.

MoveOn.org has endorsed Barack Obama.

Even now and then you can’t dance with the one that brought you. Sometimes you have to leave that person and find something better. Sometime or someone who and lead you where you know you need to go. Barack Obama.