Obama in SCLet’s start with my bias. I have announced that I’m supporting Obama. I would, of course, support Hillary Clinton over any Republican that I can think of in the general election if she wins the nomination. With that being said, who would be a great match for Barack Obama as VP. I think that Barack would take the Northeast and California in a general election. He has shown surprising strength in the mid-west. He should take Missouri and Iowa in a general election. It still looks like Ohio and Florida are troublesome. Therefore I’m looking for someone ( VP candidate) to balance the ticket and bring Ohio or Florida or Texas to the Dems.

There hasn’t been a strong Texas Democrat since John Connally (who switched parties late in his career) or Jim Wright (former speaker of the House). I can’t think of a democrat who has popular statewide appeal. There are a ton of local Democrats who rule in their district or even in their region but I don’t think that there is a Democrat who has statewide appeal.

In Ohio, there’s a different story. Sherrod Brown took on the Conservatives with a populist message. He was able to win even in conservative areas. He’s a strong Iraq war critic. The new senator has given a blueprint on how the state can be won. He remains extremely popular. The fact that he’s only in his second year makes him an unlikely match for Barack Obama. Representative Dennis Kucinich, former mayor of Cleveland, is extremely popular among the most liberal of the Democratic Party. In the presidential race is a shown fight, intelligence and tenacity. He may be the definition of a true liberal. I believe that there would be very few conservatives who would agree with almost anything that he had to say. He may also have some trouble with some independence. As far as I know, he’s never won statewide elections. In my opinion, in Ohio, you need to be able to win the metropolitan areas overwhelmingly (Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Toledo, Columbus and Canton.)

In Florida, we have one of the most diverse states in the country. Southern Florida is very cosmopolitan. Central Florida, around Tampa, is much more conservative. The panhandle of Florida is extremely conservative. Several of these counties went for Huckabee in the most recent primary. Bill Nelson is a moderate Democrat who was first elected to the Senate in the year 2000. He was in the House of Representatives for 12 years. I’m not sure that his reelection points to statewide popularity or was it more a vote against Republican Katherine Harris, who was a secretary of state in Florida during the 2000 election (yep, a lot of Florida was her fault). Senator Bob Graham, on the other hand, is an extremely interesting individual. He is a former two-term governor. He was the Senate intelligence committee chairman during 9/11. He would give either candidate instant national security credentials. I find Senator Graham and attractive vice presidential candidate.

Let’s look at what we have – David started things off with Senator Christopher Dodd. I like Senator Dodd. He’s been in the Senate for several terms. He has consistently fought for progressive ideals. Unfortunately, Senator Dodd comes from a remarkably tiny state. He clearly adds experience and leadership to either candidate. I would not be surprised to see Senator Dodd become a member and a Democratic cabinet like Secretary of the Treasury. Someone mentioned Senator Joseph Biden. Again, a consistent progressive. He’s been an outspoken critic against the war in Iraq. He also comes from an extremely small state. I would not be surprised to see him in a prominent role in the next administration’s cabinet. Several people mentioned Wesley Clark. General Clark comes with impeccable military credentials. He’s been on board with the Hillary Clinton camp since its early stages. Because he has been such a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, it might be hard for Barack Obama to ask him to be vice President. I think he is an excellent vice president choice for Hillary Clinton.

I was extremely disappointed when Russ Feingold announced that he would not run for president. Senator Russ Feingold, from Wisconsin, has been consistently right on so many issues during the Bush administration that I really can’t do him justice by listing just a few. But, because I’m such a fan, I have to list some of my favorites – has consistently spoken out against the war in Iraq, he and Senator Graham both stood up and said the prewar intelligence does not equal invasion, he’s been right on the foreign intelligence surveillance act, he has been right on torture; he’s been right on wiretapping. In short, he has shown the type of leadership on many of these issues that should get him the presidential medal of freedom. He is extremely popular in his State with Democrats, Republicans and independents.

Several people mentioned the very popular Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. Jim Webb brings military and foreign policy experience to either candidate. Former Presidential candidate Bill Richardson was also mentioned by several. Governor Richardson had the best resume of any candidate running for president in either party. Because Governor Richardson’s campaign never really took off, I’m not sure that he really has national recognition in spite of his national campaign for president. I think he’d be an excellent choice for Secretary of State.

One of the funniest posts came from Shelley who suggested that Hillary Clinton take Rush Limbaugh has her Vice President. He would make a great attack dog against Senator McCain. She also suggested that Angelina Jolie with her for policy experience would be an excellent vice president shall candidate for Barack Obama. 🙂

A few honorable mentions should be given out to Jeremiah, Steve, Scott and Neel. Anybody who has the nerve to mention Senator Joe Lieberman and the word Democrat in the same paragraph deserves my respect and honor. Allen gets a high five for mentioning possibly the most liberal dream team ever – John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich.

Third place is a tie between Linda and Medicale. Linda is a friend and a legal scholar so she really can’t qualify for a prize.

Second place goes to Steve And Skiddie. Steve had a very convincing argument for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He discussed how Bill Richardson could solidify the Latino vote. Skiddie had a great discussion about Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

First place – Kyle. I will post his comment in just a minute.

Thank you for everyone who entered the contest. I hope everyone is enjoying the content of Where’s the Outrage!