There was a time long, long ago when it was fun to go to movies. The movies weren’t that expensive. They were easily available. If you lived in a big city, like Atlanta or Dallas, as I did, there was a huge variety of movies. Now, with expensive movie tickets, even more expensive concessions, irritated and downright rude patrons, moviegoing just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Also, we now have high definition TV at home with the movies of DirecTV and Netflix. It is almost more comfortable stay at home. So, I don’t go to movies is much as I used to.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was worth seeing. It was fun. Fast-paced. The script was well written. Robert Downey, Jr. has really found his stride and become the megastar we thought he would be over 20 years ago. The one thing that I will tell you is that in the many iterations of Sherlock Holmes, his chief nemesis Professor Moriarty is never seen. You’re always left wondering whether he is real or an intricate concoction of his imagination. In this movie, the professor is very much real. Because of my knowledge of previous movies, TV shows and books, I was wondering for most the movie whether the “good professor” was really as bad as Sherlock Holmes thought he was. By the end of the movie, it is clear that the professor is really, truly evil.

If you’d like to see a movie that is fun and that doesn’t have a bunch of cursing and nudity, then Sherlock Holmes is a great movie for you. You can take a date. I give the movie a solid A-. Enjoy.