The Flaw

I came across the documentary called The Flaw. Basically, this is a documentary about the economic conditions which led to the Great Recession. The documentary reinforces what we already know. There was, to quote Alan Greenspan, “an irrational exuberance.” The exuberance was only exhibited by investors, but pretty much included everyone in the United States. I think the take-home lesson from this documentary is that instead of paying the middle class more money so that the middle class can afford better houses, better cars and have some method to get out of debt, the elite have decided that it’s okay to lend the middle class large sums of money. Because wages are stagnant, there’s almost no way for the middle class to pay back all of this debt.

I highly recommend the documentary – The Flaw

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NPR’s Kasell to retire

NPR’s Carl Kasell to retire. I’m have listened to Carl voice for over 30 years. I will miss him.

From WaPo:

We knew Carl Kasell’s last taping of “Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me” was going to be a big deal, which is so not Carl. After 16 years as official judge and scorekeeper of the NPR quiz show, and 60 years in radio, he wanted his last show to be just like any other.

As if. Sprinkled throughout the hour were tributes from Stephen Colbert, Tom Hanks, Katie Couric and President Obama, which caused the 80-year-old veteran newsman and the 1,800 people packed into the Warner Theatre on Thursday to get all verklempt. (You can hear the broadcast at 11 a.m. Saturday and Sunday on WAMU-FM; you’ll have to take my word about the tears.)

The crowd, as they say, went wild. We are talking public radio fans, so that meant standing ovations and loud applause, not underwear tossed onstage. At the end of the taping, they politely mobbed Carl like he was Springsteen or the Pope, thrusting items both cute (a Carl plush doll) and mildly creepy (a Carl face pillow) at him for autographs. I’m pretty sure I saw a guy in the second row tattoo Carl’s name across his heart.

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A real Fox News poll

This is rich –

“In the aftermath of the Benghazi terrorist attacks, the Obama administration incorrectly claimed it was a spontaneous assault in response to an online video, even though the administration had intelligence reports that the attacks were connected to terrorist groups tied to al Qaeda. Do you think the Obama administration knowingly lied about the attacks to help the president during the ongoing re-election campaign, or not?”

This is a real question from a Fox News poll. They aren’t even pretending to ask real questions anymore. They don’t care if the question is leading. So this begs the question, what’s the purpose of the poll? If you are going to ask leading questions like this (the administration lied, so do you think the administration lied), why doesn’t Fox News just skip the polling and simply present the answers that they want?

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