Da’ Scam

Every minute of every day there is always someone trying to make a buck. Most of our are trying to make money the honest way. Then there are some that try to scam your hard earned money from you.

The Scam was somewhat clever. I’m trying to sell a car on one of those car selling sites. There are several sites. They are all about the same. After about 48 hours of posting my car, I get a hit. Some contacts me and wants to know the sale price. Through text messages, they agree to pay full price but they want to transfer the money through PayPal. Okay. That’s fine. Then are going to ship the car themselves. The shipping will cost $820. Okay. So they are going to pay me the cost of the car plus the cost of shipping. So far everything is sounding good.

Now, the rub – The guy who is going to pick up the car only takes MoneyGram. I needed to send this guy $820. Of course they are giving me the $820 so that shouldn’t be a problem. In order for the guy to leave immediately to get the car, I need to go to MoneyGram and send the money now. Oh, and they were going to sent the money to my PayPal account now. Cool.

There was no activity on my PayPal account. I did receive 3 emails that almost seemed that they were from PayPal. The third email was the kicker. It was written by someone who didn’t speak English as their first language. Syntax was wrong. There were words that were misspelled. The urgency of the process was also unusual. So I called PayPal. The transaction number that I was given was wrong. Of Course. I gave PayPal the emails and hopefully they will find those folks because someone had to pick up the money. There is a real person out there. Hope they find him/her.

Saturday Update

  •  So, who believes that the Warriors were blown out by the Cavs? I’m just asking because I still don’t believe it. The Cavs can’t score that much in practice. That was crazy. (The thing that makes the Warriors different from the Suns of 5 or 6 years ago, who have been a scoring machine for over a decade, is defense. Suddenly the whole team forgot how to play defense. Really??)
  • Did you notice that Anti-Sharia Law rallies happened yesterday? So, we are rallying to prevent something that no one is asking for right? Okay…
  • We know that Trump has become successful by buffalo’ing his way into and over problems. Firing Comey is a disaster of his own making.  Why did Trump want to meet with Comey so many times? Why did they need to meet in private? I’m thinking that there are tapes. Trump wants to write a book to document his greatness. So there are tapes but he will not release them until he is compelled to. Without tapes it is Trump’s word against Comey’s.
  • GOP is still pushing to take away healthcare from Americans. (There is no talk of replacement.)


Obama’s failure? Syria

In 2013, Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people. President Obama had to figure out what to do with Syria. He could have bombed Syria. He could have tried to do some sort of joint military action with our western allies. There was a lot of hand wringing, as there should have been. We are talking about life and death. Instead of making the decision to bomb Syria, Obama threw the decision to Congress, which did not give him authorization to strike Syria. I’m not sure that he was truly all that whipped up to strike Syria. He turned to Russia; who helped (Russian help is kind of an oxymoron) broker a deal for Syria to destroy all of their chemical weapons. Well, we know that this “deal” wasn’t what anyone would have hoped, since al-Assad just gassed his own people again. It is completely unclear whether al-Assad has more chemical weapons or not. We have to assume that he has.

Many Americans have applauded Donald Trump’s bombing of Syria. I’m not so sure. I think that Donald Trump took the only option that was open to him. He couldn’t make another deal. That was out. There is no coalition of “the willing.” No one wants to invade Syria. With that option off the table, what was left? Bomb them. That was the only other option.

I just don’t know how bombing Syria will help the problem. As far as we know, there were no significant military leaders killed. I think that we know we did not kill -nor even injure- al-Assad. So I’m not sure that we have changed any behavior.