No really.  A player from the St. Louis Rams has files a $100 million lawsuit against the New England Patriots over the 2002 Super Bowl.  You remember that just before this last Super Bowl (a couple of weeks ago) a new revelation appeared.  The New England Patriots were accused of spying against the St. Louis Rams.  This of course fits nicely with the fact that the New England Patriots are found to be videotaping the New York Jets very early in the season.  Willie Gary, former Rams player, filed a $100 million lawsuit in the US District Court in New Orleans.

Does he really think that he scored to get $100 million or anything close to it?  Does he really think that he’s going to get a hearing?  I’m positive that the NFL will come down on the side of the New England Patriots in order to close ranks.  The NFL wants their “ultimate game” to be beyond question.  There is no cheating — according to the NFL.  Therefore, no expense will be spared to kill this lawsuit.