The Dallas Cowboys were swept by the Philadelphia Eagles last year. The final game was awful if you are a Dallas fan. Remember that Donavon McNabb was out with an injury. Jeff Garcia was the quarterback. The Dallas defense couldn’t get off the field. The Eagles ran for over 200 yards on the ground. Garcia looked like he was back in pro-bowl form. The biggest problem was if the Cowboys wanted to win the division or secure a playoff spot, the Cowboys had to win that game. They looked unprepared. It was awful.

So, the Cowboys must avoid the last year, end of the year syndrome (where the lost far more than they won). They must look sharp. Donavon McNabb is back for the first time in a couple of weeks. He has something to prove. He has to prove that he can still throw the ball accurately, that he can still win in this league and that he is still an elite quarterback. Look for the Eagles to try to get a big lead early because that’s their formula for success this year. The Cowboys must be able to defend the deep ball. As usual, the key to the game is keeping Brian Westbrook under wraps. Watch for the Eagles to use Westbrook as a decoy to get Kevin Curtis open down the field.

The Eagles are a team in disarray. The Cowboys must take advantage of this early. The Cowboys must come out and set the tempo. If they are not able to do this it will be a long afternoon for Cowboy fans. Mixing up the run and the pass will be important to control the clock. We need to limit the number of opportunities that the Eagle offense has to score. At the same time we have to feed the beast this week. Terrell Owens only had 4 catches last week and no touchdowns. He will pout if he doesn’t get the ball. We don’t need that.

The Cowboys need to take care of business. We need to put a 5 – 8 team away early. I want to see Romo and Whitten sitting on the side lines laughing in the 4th quarter.