Bush defends Katrina response (updated)

Old saying — quit while you’re ahead. (Maybe Bush doesn’t know this saying.)

In what was billed as President Bush‘s last press conference, he said a lot of amazing things. What really jumped out at me was his defense to Hurricane Katrina. I am guessing that Dana Perino and others in the press office got together with President Bush and worked on his answers to many expected questions. I think this response was rehearsed. The fact that the Coast Guard rescued hundreds, if not thousands, of people off of rooftops does not excuse the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was completely inept. (I readily admit that Louisiana is a completely dysfunctional state. Louisiana and Illinois should probably arm-wrestle for the distinction of being the most corrupt state in the union. The local and state response were completely inadequate, but that does not excuse the federal response.)

The New Orleans Times Picayune has more here and here.

The federal report that was written by a Republican lead Congress. Surprise.

Keith Olbermann takes Bush to the wood shed (see clip).

An Editorial from the Times-Picayune really encapsulates my Outrage over Bush’s comments (here’s a portion):

In his last scheduled press conference, the president vigorously dismissed criticism of the government’s performance.

“Don’t tell me the federal response was slow when there was 30,000 people pulled off roofs right after the storm passed,” the president said, pounding the lectern. “That’s a pretty quick response. . . . Could things have been done better? Absolutely, absolutely. But when I hear people say the federal response was slow, what are they going to say to those chopper drivers or the 30,000 who got pulled off the roof?”

The U.S. Coast Guard, indeed, performed thousands of heroic rescues after the storm. But it’s indisputable that the rest of the federal bureaucracy failed miserably in aiding tens of thousands of people who waited days for water, food and evacuation. Even reports by the White House and Congress faulted the federal performance.

So did President Bush a few days after Katrina. “The results are not acceptable,” the president said Sept. 2, 2005, referring to the federal failure to timely deliver food and medicines to survivors. (more… )

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The Real Face of Hurricane Ike

Above is a picture of the Bolivar Peninsula. Below is the same place after Ike. The following is a comment from one of my readers. Do you have any suggestions for him? FEMA is suppose to have more than ice and water, aren’t they?

My concern is lost wages as my place of business is out for at least 1-2 weeks if not more. I will not see a paycheck for this time and I have a mortgage to pay.

Also, I lost every piece of food in my fridge/freezer and that will have to be replaced. I paid for a hotel but FEMA is only willing to pay hotel direct and not reimburse people (FEMA told me over the phone). So this has cost me over $500 in hotel/gas/food and NO HELP FROM OUR GOVERNMENT.

It appears FEMA will do nothing to help with this situation thanks to people who took advantage of FEMA during Katrina.

Any suggestions for help??

Also FEMA P.O.D.S has no food in this area. Just ice and water every time I have gone to one.

FEMA is very unorganized. The housing market is bad and it is going to get worse in the Houston area with no financial relief from FEMA to help IKE victims until they can return to work.

Thank you.

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Deadly storms

Isn’t it February? February is a time for snow and snow storms. Blizzards in the northeast and sub-zero temperatures around the Great Lakes are normal for this time of year but instead, we got Spring-like tornadoes that torn through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia. 50 people have died. Hundreds injured.

The saddest part of all of this is that we get to the see FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) at work, again. I’m not sure I can stomach, Michael Chertoff lying to us again about how they have everything under control.


From NYT:

President Bush said Wednesday that he had called the governors of the states affected by the storms and pledged assistance from the federal government. “Loss of life, loss of property — prayers can help and so can the government,” Mr. Bush said in brief remarks before a ceremony at the Department of Agriculture in Washington. “I do want the people in those states to know the American people are standing with them.”

Michael Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland Security, said that a regional emergency center in Thomasville, Ga., had been activated and that officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency were already active in Tennessee and others were on the way to the region. “We are going to keep watch on this,” Mr. Chertoff said. (more…)

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